Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Fun Stuff: Apartment Life: Olive's got a new look!

In honor of this new EP, I had to go into the Specter lot and give Olive a new lease on life...


It suits her, don't you think?   And believe it or not, I only cheated a *little.*   I gave Olive 10 extra days with the Freetime version of the Insim (which is still working okay as far as I can tell) and used boolprop's shift-click on the mailbox to summon the NPC evil witch to the Specter lot.  After that, I did it all the normal way.  ;)

Here she is at work.   Her grouchy personality allows her to build up Dark alignment very quickly.

Ophelia:  "My grades!  My grades!  Look, look, look, look!  SOMEBODY PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEE!!"

Olive:  *mutters and stirs* 

Now the question will be... do I have Olive bring Ophelia over to the Dark Side?  Or do I have Ophelia become a witch of the Light aspect and have them live together in conflict?

Or do I just kill Ophelia like always?   

Decisions, decisions.   

Tags: apartment life
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