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Challenge 012: New Kid on the Block

As many of you know, Ophelia Nigmos of Strangetown isn’t one of my favorite characters.  In fact, she’s a sim I just love to torture.  Why is that, you may wonder?  Well, it goes back to the very first Strangetown I ever played right after I obtained the Sims 2 base game...  

The firstborn daughter of my very first CAS family (and the only family I was playing at that time) brought Johnny Smith home from school with her when she became a teen, and they seemed to hit it off beautifully.  I was so new to the game that I didn’t even realize Johnny Smith was a playable character, and I built their relationship all from her end... very slowly and painstakingly since I didn’t know about cheats or hacks at that time either.

Finally, after much time invested on my part, they fell in love and my sim wanted to ask him to go steady with her.  Which, of course, she couldn’t do, and I didn’t understand why.  Finally I posted about it (I think on TSR) and that’s when I found out Johnny is not only playable, he was already spoken for by Ophelia. 

Well... I couldn’t let that stand in the way of my beloved first born in game baby’s true love!  Especially not after I’d put in so much time and effort!  So, I made it my mission to hunt down and destroy this Ophelia person.  I had no idea who she was, but I eventually found her and then proceeded to make her life a living hell.   *evil grin*


Fast forward to today, and I’ve been reading strange_tomato's wonderful Strangetown story involving Ophelia, and having some discussions about the subject, and I’ve come to think maybe I’ve been a bit too hard on poor Phi.  Maybe she got a raw deal in that first game of mine.

Simstorytellers Challenge 012:    New Kid on the Block

Characters:  Ophelia Nigmos (POV), Johnny Smith, Ripp Grunt, CAS sim
Word count:  490
Pictures: 5


Mon, May 4

Dear Diary, 

There’s been lots of rumors floating around school lately.  Everybody’s saying Johnny is cheating on me with some new girl and they saw them together and stuff over the weekend.   I hope to God it’s not true!

The new girl’s name is Moria, and she’s so beautiful.  Long brown hair, deep blue eyes... and she’s really outgoing and popular.  Even though she’s only lived here for a few months, she’s already way more popular than I am.

I’ve never been able to fit in. 

I can’t believe Johnny would cheat on me!  We have so many plans.  We’ll be graduating soon, and we were going to get married, and raise a family here in Strangetown.  We were going to move in with his parents for a while, until we could afford our own place... and his mom would help out with the babies, and it was going to be perfect.

What happened to our plans?  What happened to us?


Wed, May 7

Dear Diary, 

Ripp just called to tell me he saw Johnny kissing that new girl tonight at the public pool!   That doesn’t make any sense!  Why would Johnny need to go to the public pool when he has that huge one in his backyard?  Maybe Ripp’s wrong.  Maybe it was too dark to see and it wasn’t really Johnny.  I know Ripp wouldn’t lie to me, but there has to be some other explanation!

I mean, Johnny wouldn’t do this, would he?  Just because that new girl is a cheerleader, and pretty, and popular... and I’m... not so much.

Ripp tells me I’m pretty, though.  I wish I could believe that.


Thurs, May 8

Dear Diary,

Well, it’s over.  It’s all over.  I hate them.  I hate both of them so much.  I just want to die.  It was all true!  Johnny has been seeing that girl behind my back all this time.  I hate him!  I don’t think he even told her about me.  She acted so surprised when I caught them kissing in the library today.  

I don’t even remember everything I said to them.  It’s like my mind blocked it out or something.  But I remember yelling, and crying, and the librarian coming over and telling me I had to stop or I’d get detention.  Then I ran out and ended up in one of the bathrooms.  I stayed in there the rest of the day. 

I hate them. 


Fri, May 9  AM

I didn’t go to school today.  I don’t want to see Johnny holding her hand in the halls or walking her to class.   


Fri, May 9  PM

Ripp called me as soon as he got home from school wanting to know if I was okay.  I told him everything, and he says he’s on his way here right now.

I’m so glad he’s coming over.  If anyone can make me feel better, Ripp can.



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