Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Fun Stuff: My daughter's sim game... the paperMAN... ??

A while back I had mentioned that while my daughter plays the sims, she hardly ever plays with romantic couples.  (Well, she's only 11, so I guess that part doesn't interest her much... yet)   Anyway, she had made a CAS family of a mom and a teen daughter and the teen daughter became friends with the paperboy.  When it was time for the teenager to become an adult, my daughter grew the paperboy along with her as a potential love interest but since she's really not that into couples, she never got around to moving him in.

So, he's still delivering the paper... all grown up.  :D 

Yes, there he is... arriving to deliver the paper right on time. 

He just reaches into his nonexistant knapsack and...

...pulls out a perfectly folded paper.  (These pictures were taken before I installed Apartment Life... which any of you who have that EP now know the paperboy(man) brings the paper right to the doorstep.)

A job well done for the PaperMan! 

PaperMan:  "Bye Cindy's-daughter's-sim!  See you tomorrow!"  *waves*

Cindy's-daughter's-sim"  "God, you're such a loser."  *ignores*

Tee hee.

Tags: fun stuff
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