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Blips: To Fear the Dawn: Simatech Research Lab (or where the Curious brothers work)

I thought I'd share some screenies of the lot I'm using for the Curious brothers' (and, presumably, Loki's before he became a vampire) place of employment.  For lack of a better name, I called it Simatech Research Laboratory (I know that's lame, lol)

The building was done by Uma Design on The Sims Resource.  It's a "shell" building with no decorations, but it is absolutely gorgeous and can be found here:  

For some reason, I wasn't able to change it to be a residential lot.  It had been my intention to change it to a residential lot and then create a family of sims... including Curious clones... to inhabit it and get my screenshots that way.  However, when I used the changelotzoning residential cheat, it didn't work. (shrugs)  So, I kept it a community lot and had one of the real Curious brothers buy it.   Works like a charm, even if I do have the random Townie barging in on a scene and I have to get all moveobjects on their ass.  (grumbles)

I'm sure someone with more time and imagination could do this lot much more justice than I did, but I'm pretty proud of my efforts all the same (grins.)  

This is the main biological research area.  I've already taken a few screenshots here...

This is part of the Medical Research area, complete with womrats.

More of the Medical Research area...

The employee lounge:

Reference area:

Botanical Research (snicker)

Aren't the baby cowplants adorable??  Awwww...



Conference Room.

And, of course, the "top secret" area... hee hee hee.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun decorating this lot!  There's still a ton of room in the building, but I'm afraid if I decorate much more it'll slow the lot down (and there's nothing I hate worse than a slow lot, lol)  

Happy Simming!

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