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The Witchery Students Challenge: Something I thought up that might be fun to try!

I was inspired by my daughter's game and decided to make up what I'm calling the Witchery Student Challenge.   This challenge will require some cheating to set up, or you can download my ready-made Challenge lot (more on that later.) 

Here's how to play:  (if I explain this badly, I apologize in advance) 

1)  You will need eight teenaged sims, male or female and any combination of the two.  They can be related or not.   Of course you cannot make a family of only teenagers in CAS, so you will need to use either a) the Insiminator to age the sim down to a teen, or b) the agesim cheat that came with Nightlife.

2)  Once all your sims are teens, you will need to turn them into Neutral Witches.  The new version of the Insiminator makes this easy.  On the Mortality Adjustor (it looks like a gravestone) there is an option for "Mortality State/ Witch."  Select this and then cycle through the pie menu until you find Neutral.

Once you do this, your sim will change into his/her Witch/Warlock outfit and have a spellbook and cauldron in his/her inventory.

3)  Now you need to build your sims' school!  Use all the money cheats you like, and build them a home/school fit for Harry Potter himself.  It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.  Make sure there is room for all your students to place their spellbooks and cauldrons, as well as places for them to do homework.

4)  Once your sims' home/school is completed and all of your sims are witches, the only cheats allowed are money cheats (either kaching or motherlode.)   You may not turn off aging, and also you may not use any Elixer of Life.  You may use any other aspiration/career rewards, however.  

5)  Your Challenge is to get all of your teenage witches fully aligned either to Good or Evil (your choice and you can mix them up!) AND fully magically trained by the time they are adults while also attending their regular school and maintaining A+ grades!

Scoring is fairly straightforward.  Let me know if it sounds like I need to add anything because I've never done this before.  :D

Begin with 1000 points.

Subtract 100 points each time one of your teen sims gets a D-
Subtract 100 points each time one of your teen sims misses school.
Add 500 points for each teen sim that has a job in addition to school and magical training.
Add 500 points for each teen sim that is an Overachiever.
Add 10 points for each "normal" skill point your sims earn.

Once all your sims are adults, use their spell books to check their magical abilities, and then:

Subtract 500 points for each sim that is not at full Good or Evil alignment.
Subtract 500 points for each sim that is not fully magically trained.

That's pretty much it!   I think it sounds like a great way to explore the magical aspect of the Apartment Life EP.   My daughter is doing this herself in her game and it just seemed to have loads of potential. 


To help you with this Challenge,  I created a lot complete with eight teenage witches, four male and four female, with everything you need to complete it.   So if you'd rather not have to download the Insim, or if you just aren't into taking the time to make your sims into witches and building them a home, here's a "starter kit" for you!

Most everything in this lot is Maxis, and I tried to stick with base game + Apartment Life as much as I could.  However, I cannot guarantee there won't be something that came from another expansion pack or stuff pack.   Hopefully it won't be a problem for anyone.  Also, this lot includes an assignable desk and some recolors and things as "extras."  There's not many of those, though.  Also I checked with Clean Installer and there are NO hacks.

Edited to add:  
I found some small fails on my premade lot (I'm not surprised... it's what I get for trying to post before all the kids came back in from being outside, lol.)

There's no sink in the kitchen.
Some rooms don't have lights
I forgot rails around the steps. (Small things, I know, but still... I had meant to just leave it undecorated but get all the main furnishings in. Ugh, lol.)

Like I mentioned before, the desks, cauldrons, and spellbooks need to be claimed and reassigned.

Also, I found the kids still pile their homework up on the floor unless you also have the companion homework program from Simlogical that goes along with the desk. It is available here:
the second one up from the bottom (the desk) has a link to it.

You can play the Challenge without these things of course, but I liked the idea of having assigned desks so I could keep track of all of their homework, lol.

Sorry about that!!! 

Here are some pictures of the premade lot for anyone who is interested: 

Overview of Lot:

First Floor (Living Space) 

Second Floor (Study Space)  

Third Floor  (dorms.  Dang I just realized it could totally have used some closets, but oh well... lol) 

The Conjure Family:  Students #1.  From left to right:  Veronica, Angelica, Dock, and Nard  (they're all named after herbs, lol) 

Students #2.  Daisy, Heath, Sage, and Iris.

Get the lot HERE.
Note:  It is a RAR file.  If anyone would like me to upload it without using RAR, please let me know.


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