Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Internet's back... that's about it.

Alienware may suck, but at least they kept their promise about overnighting me a new hard drive.  Sucker was Fed Exed to me and at my doorstep before 10am this morning. 

Thank you to everyone to responded to my previous post!  I'm going to post replies when I get a chance later but today is my older son's 10th birthday and I've been mired in Alienware guts all afternoon so I'm behind on wrapping presents and cake baking.  ;)

I will say one sad thing though... everything is gone and there's no chance of recovery.   My two hard drives were set up on some kind of RAID thing (they're connected) and I have the Alien ReSpawn program, which wipes everything before it installs what I had back on my system. 

Well, off to prepare for another one of my spawn to enter double-digits. 

Tags: computer troubles
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