Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Maxis_Taste: A Day with Don

Over in


there's a discussion about what players have done with Don Lothario.  Since I usually never play with any other Maxis neighborhoods besides Strangetown, I took the chance to jump into a brand-new Pleasantview and spend a day with Don...

Okay, Don... if you want to have lady friends over, it’s time to stop...ahem... bustin’ a move and clean up your place. 


Yes, I said clean up your place.   Now hop to!


Oh, don’t you pout at me!   I'll get you for that!  *chooses secondary aspiration* 


Finally, when the place is clean, Don invites NinaDina #1 over (I can’t ever remember who is who, so...)


And after the inevitable quickie lovemaking, Don turns on the old charm. 

“Hey bitch.  Pounding you made me hungry.  Get your ass in the kitchen and make me a grilled cheese.” 


“Moi?  Grilled cheese?  Why yes, I’d love to make you a grilled cheese, you insufferable bastard.”


*NinaDina #1 hums*


*humming continues*


Don:  *attacks toaster oven*   “Get out the way, bitch!  Gimmie mah grilled cheese!”   


*slobbers and drools*  “Ohhhh yeah... that’s the shit right there...” 

Oh and yeah...  nice engagement ring, Don.


“Um... sorry Cass.  Can’t talk.  Hot blond bitch at the door.  Yeah.  So like whatever and shit.”


And here we have NinaDina #2 geiting busy with Don.  In the hot tub, of course, because Don hasn’t yet washed the sheets from when he was with NinaDina #1.  At least in the hot tub, the chlorine takes care of that.


Don’s two favorite things.  Sex and grilled cheese.  He’s a happy camper.


Just look at that smile as he heads off to work the next morning.  Paging Dr. Lothario!

Tags: maxis_taste, pleasantview
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