Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Slowly but surely...

I've been trying to work on my story games, hoping to get them back to where they were.  The Standishes have been a pain... understandably... since they had gone through several generations already and of course NOW would be the time when the game absolutely refuses to give me a blond haired child of Ripp Grunt.  *headdesk*   I'm still working on it though!   Hope's had that baby about seven times now, lol! 

As far as the Less family, I haven't even started on restoring them yet.  :(   Hopefully it'll come together soon.  I really don't want to abandon that story when it was so close to being completed.  I was thinking only two... maybe three... more updates would have done it. 

I'm trying not to get too obsessed with it though.  I tend to get grumpy and irritable when that happens and then have to remind myself that it's a game and supposed to be relaxing and fun!  Not stress inducing, lol! 

Anyway that's where things stand now.  I'm hoping to do another Standish update very soon.  :)

((HUGS)) and thank you for sticking with me! 
Tags: game update
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