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Sim_Mania Challenge 014: Makeover HBD

sim_mania   's current Challenge is to makeover HBD (Hot Blond Downtownie) who happens to be one of my favorite sims, despite the fact he is "The" Legacy Sperm Donor, lol.  

However, as anyone who has been reading my stories knows, just because he's a favorite doesn't mean I can't mess with him a little, lol.   So, I thought I'd give him a bit of a different look...   

Warnings:  language

Who could that be walking down the street toward his apartment Downtown? 

It's HotBlond Downtownie! 

Me:  *Squeals and waves madly*  "Whoohoo, Hotblond!   Hotblond Downtownie?  Can you spare a moment please?  Oh, please?"

Hotblond:  *scoffs with distain*  "Yes, what do you want?"

Me:  *barely contains glee*  "Well, I just have to know.  I mean, you're SO hot.  Everyone's talking about you, everyone wants you... and I just have to know... How does it feel to be known as The Legacy Sperm Donor?" 

Hotblond:   "Sperm donor?  Sperm?  Bitch, please!  I'm not going through these fucking hormone treatments to still have sperm!"

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