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Sim Storyteller Challenge 013: Creature of the Night

I had been thinking about doing this type of thing for a while, and this Creature of the Night challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity!

So,  may I present The Supernatural Sims Asylum Challenge!

It should be a lot of fun! 

Supernatural Sims Asylum Challenge:  Prologue


Several residents of Strangetown have suddenly fallen to various afflictions that present with odd and alarming symptoms. 


Some feel the need to answer the call of the moon each night,


... and others find their flesh rotting from their bodies and their thoughts consumed by human brains.


Some are terrified by the burning rays of the sun, while others embrace the sun and rain as sources of pure nourishment with no need for sleep or food.


Then, too...  there are the Sasquatch, otherwise known as the Bigfoot People... some of whom have wandered into Strangetown from the mountains surrounding the desert. 


All are finding their way here, to the Strangetown Asylum, under the care of one Cindy Selfsim.  She alone is immune to the strange diseases affecting the rest of the town.    

Cindy’s only regret is she is able to care for only seven patients at a time, due to the limited resources of the Asylum.   

However,  she’s determined to do the best she can.

More to come... computer willing, of course.  ;) 


So that’s the prologue of this little supernatural sim experiment that I’m going to play through the month of October in honor of the Creature of the Night Challenge.   I thought about using witches here as well, but in all honesty they really aren’t that much different than regular sims unless you actually play them.  They don’t have any special needs or anything like that either.  So, for now at least, this asylum is magic-free.

We have two zombies, two werewolves, one vampire, and one plantsim in the Asylum at the moment... and I decided who was going to be what by pulling their names out of a hat.  As sims die off, I reserve the right to bring in other sims from the town, and will give them a random supernatural “illness” as well.

 Note:   the story shall be told by me, of course... but when “I” do things (as the game-player) it can be assumed my selfsim is doing them in the story.   For example, I’ve made the rule that once per day I can tell the vampire sims to get into their coffins.  Well, even though I’m doing it by selecting the vampire and putting him/her in the coffin, we’ll just pretend my selfsim actually “reminded” the vamp to get under cover.  :)

I’m hoping for a lot of short little updates during the month, and then at the end of the month I’ll make an entry with links to all the updates as my offering for the Challenge.  I hope that’s okay.  *bats eyelashes at mods*


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