Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Sim Storyteller Challenge 013: Creature of the Night: The Supernatural Asylum

The Supernatural Asylum:  Part Two
Warnings: language

Once again, here we are at the Strangetown Asylum...

...Where unfortunately, it appears their shared affliction of lycanthropy hasn't brought these two any closer.

In fact, it almost seems as though they've become a bit territorial.  I just hope they don't start peeing everywhere.

The General has, however, been able to find somewhat common ground with at least one member of the household.

"Well, I think Governor Palin was a fine choice for Vice President."

"She supports continuing the war..."

"And she's proven herself to be a fine speaker."

"Fine speaker!  General, please!  She was coached and sounded like she was reading from a script.  Her responses seemed as though they were memorized beforehand and she used them whether they fit the questions or not."

"Responding to a question isn't the same as answering it, General Grunt."

"And mark my words, this Wall Street bailout will come to No Good."

"Now if you'll excuse me, ACR... I mean, my husband... is calling me."

Yes, that's good, Loki.  Get a little lovin' in before you pass out on the sidewalk tonight.


Hmmm... someone must have howled.  It's just a feeling I have. *shrugs*

More howling puts Bigfoot over the edge, and he rus to his favorite object in the house to seek comfort.

"Toy-let"  *shakes*  "Bigfoot do biz-ness in toy-let water.  Bigfoot good.  Bigfoot good!"

Meanwhile... outside the other bathroom (one has the toilet and the other has the bathtub.  Very useful to set things up that way in an asylum challenge...)

Vidcund:  "Um... do you think we can go in?  I really want to look at those towels hanging by the bathtub."

Pascal:  "Towels, yes... I would like to look at the towels as well."

"Bigfoot good!  Bigfoot hug bitey-man!  Fun!  Fun!"

Pascal:  "Oh, okay, ha ha... yes, very amusing.  Now please put me down."


"Now, would you please try to keep that walking carpet away from me?"

Sorry, Pascal... I can't make any promises.

Morning comes, and Loki is very much relieved by the rising of the sun, as demonstrated by the major "O" face he has going on there.

On the other hand... a bit further down the sidewalk...

Honestly, is there anything more pathetic than this? 

Good idea, Lazlo.  Because brushing your teeth will do so much for the raging stench and flies coming from your armpits.

Vidcund: *mutters*  "God, I really want to take  this bag full of trash and shove it so far up your..."

Buzz:  "You have something to say, Curious?"

Vidcund:  "No... no.  Nothing at all."

Geez, if looks could kill... Oh, wait...

Approximately six hours until Cindy comes home from work.

Bigfoot:  "Uhhhh... is inside cook-thing supposed to have big fire on top?"

"Bigfoot no like big fire!"

Five hours until Cindy comes home from work:

Circe:  "What the hell have you done, you louse-infested moron?"

Bigfoot:  "Cook-thing big fire!"

Loki:  "Oh shiiit!"

Loki:  "This is all your fault, Chewbacca!"

Bigfoot:  "Bigfoot no fault!  Bigfoot no make fire!  Cook-thing make fire!  Bigfoot good!"

Three hours until Cindy comes home from work:

Pascal:  "This kitchen is a mess! Who's responsible for this?"

"Bigfoot no like big fire!  No big fire!"

Bigfoot:  "Aaaaaaaah!"  *scream dies away*

Two hours until Cindy comes home from work:

Loki:  "Damn everything!  I've wilted!"

General Buzz:  "Jesus Christ!  You're naked!"

Lazlo:  "Jesus Christ!  There's a fucking fire!"

One hour until Cindy comes home from work:

Loki:  "Help me!  Help meeee!"  *scream dies away*

Circe:  *calmly cleans up ashes*

Finally, Cindy gets home,

...rushes to call the fire deparment,

... and does her best to put out the fire until the authorities arrive.

It took two firefighters to do the job, but eventually all the remaining flames were extinguished.

Then, job well done, the noble heroes depart... or do they?

No, this one actually stuck around to laugh at poor Vidcund feeling the fire's aftermath.

"Hahahahaha!  The fire made you piss yourself!"

"And now you stink even more! Bawaahahahahaaaa!"

That's simply shocking in its unprofessionalism.

And the lutz at Vidcund's expense continues, as Circe seems to think it's hilarious that the poor guy passed out in a puddle of his own urine.

Faced with the post-fire starving patients, Cindy quickly makes a meal on the hastily installed new stove. Perhaps too quickly.

"It doesn't matter.  They're going to eat it anyway.  I'm going to go to bed!"

Unfortunately the food came too late for Vidcund, who woke from his faint only to find he was starving to death.

And so the fire indirectly claimed another victim.

While the survivors sleep off the rest of the fire's effects, the kitchen is mysteriously restored... ready for a new day.

Yes, you better get ready, Cindy!  There's going to be three new patients arriving soon!

Nervous Subject,

Jenny Smith, and

Pollination Technician #9 Smith.  Yes, as you may have guessed, his seeming normalcy during daylight hours is indicative of only one thing... lycanthropy.

Cindy:  "Welcome to the Strangetown Asylum! I hope you'll be as comfortable here as possible."

Nervous:  "Um... I heard... um... is it true that... uh...  Pascal Curious is here?"

Cindy:  "Yes, he is.  He's doing very well.  He's sleeping right now, of course, due to his... unusual condition, but..."

Nervous:  "C...c...Can I see him?"

Cindy:  "Well, I don't see why not.  Just be very careful when you lift the lid, and try not to let in too much light, because the light can seriously hurt him..."

Nervous:  "Me?  Hurt Pascal?  Never."

Nervous:  *carefully lifts coffin lid*



*pant pant pant*

Nervous:  *trembles*  "Oh my God... I don't care how much I've missed him!  I am never, EVER doing that again!

more to come...

Tags: supernatual asylum
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