Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Real Life: Toddlerspam: Simsecret "photoshoot" pictures :D

I shared the Simsecret, but you know it wasn't as easy as taking just one picture.  Of course not, lol!  So here's the rest of the "photoshoot," for anyone who is interested.   :D

Alaina:  "Chebie tombaloona..."

Alexa:  "NO!:  *covers face*

Alaina:  "Mooommm... she's not doing it right!"

Alexa:  *makes razzing noise through fingers*

Me:  "Lexi... listen to Sissy sing you the song, mmkay?"

Alexa:  "Okay."

Alaina:  "Cheebie tombaloona, vooba, nooboo..."

Alexa:  *sings along*

(This is the picture I used)

Jake:  *crawls over, sits, waves hands,  and tries to join in singing.*

Alexa:  *steals baby's pacifier.*

Alaina:  "Mom... Lexi took Jake's pacifier!"

Jake:  "You thief!"

Me:  "Alexa!  You're not supposed to take his pacifier!"

Alexa:   "This tastes YUCK!" 

Me:  "Okay, that's enough for now."

Edited to add:  AUDIO!!  lol


Tags: real life
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