Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Of Scottrade and Spore...

So, fully aware of the risks involved, I went ahead and downloaded Spore for the kids (and who am I kidding... for myself as well, lol.)  I've been playing it for the last couple of days and I've enjoyed it. 

Those little buggers are just too cute!  But my species has just reached the "tribal" stage and now I'm like, "Whaaaaaa?"  For one thing, they wear clothes now.  My guys look something like flying unicorns... clothes don't really work well on them.  *shrugs*  Also I'm having trouble navigating my tribe and it's getting frustrating.  So I'm looking forward to getting back into my Sims tonight when I have time to play again!

Here's a picture of my Spore guy.  I was happy with him until the Tribal stage.  If I had a more upright creature I could have done much more with it, I think.  Oh well... it's okay.  I like the Sims a lot better!  ;)

A member of the Nukdan tribe.    Hee.

In other news, we opened a Scottrade account.  We have other investments... mutual funds, CD's and such... that are handled by a local investment banker, but I wanted something where I had a bit more direct control.   Not that I claim to know anything about investing, mind you.   We didn't put more in the Scottrade account than we would mind losing, say, on a trip to Vegas (and let's face it, that's pretty much what the stock market is these days.) 

Anyway, it's fun watching it go up and down.  Mostly down.  ;)

And yes, yes I did buy stock in Electronic Arts.  :D :D :D 

Anyway, it's back to Sims playing for me later today.  I'm hoping to get another Supernatural Asylum update up this weekend.   Today I'm making witch hat shaped sugar cookie cutous from scratch.  Flour everywhere, lol!   Whee!
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