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Sim Storyteller Challenge 013: Creature of the Night: The Supernatural Asylum

The Supernatural Asylum: Part Three
Warnings: Language



Welcome once again to the Strangetown Asylum!

Two of the new residents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, appear to be adjusting rather well so far. However, it still amazes me that after being married for (we're assuming) more than 18 years and having two children, these two haven't gotten around to making out yet.

Well, I suppose it's never too late!


PT:  "I sure hope the kids'll be okay while we're gone."

Jenny:  "Oh, don't worry. They'll be fine."


Johnny: *sobs* "Mom and Dad left me all alone to raise my kid sister and I don't know what to doooooo!"


Johnny: "And you want me to tell you about what? NO!"


Despite being separated from their children, Jenny and PT are determined to make the best of things. And PT may not show it from his outwardly relaxed demeanor, but he's extremely nervous about what will happen to him come nightfall.


All too soon comes the painful transformation, not only for PT, but for everyone at the asylum afflicted with lycanthropy.


It doesn't get any easier for them, no matter how many times they change.


Now, PT finds himself among them... truly a creature of the night.

Nightfall also brings about Pascal's awakening, of course... and as of late he's been indulging in his favorite pastime as soon as he gets up from the coffin.

However, while Pascal enjoys the night, the hours of darkness are less pleasurable for some...


Cindy: *says goodbye to friend from work*

Jenny: Help me! Help... I need... sun! I need..." *falls over*


Oh no... is this going to be a nightly occurrence for Jenny as well?


Nervous:  *rocks back and forth*  "So... much... howling! So... s...s...scary...!"


General Buzz: "Jesus Christ! Man up, would you, idiot? And stop blocking the goddamned hall!"


PT: *sighs* "Being a werewolf makes me so hungry that even this will taste good."


PT: "Well, maybe..." *gags*


Cindy:  "Oh, PT... don't eat that! I'll make something else for you to... OH MY GOD!" *eyes pop*

Lazlo:  "Hey baby... You likey?"

PT:  *gags more*


Uh-oh... looks like Jenny was low on water as well as sunlight when she collapsed. She's wilted!


The nights are rough on almost everyone. The constant howling from all three of the werewolves keep some residents in a state of almost constant aspiration failure.


But soon morning approaches, much to Nervous' relief.

Nervous: "You see, Sacky? That mean old wolfie's not going to be howling at you any more today!"

"Oh, I just love you Sacky! Lovelovelovelovelove!"

Sunrise brings a small amount of respite for Jenny, but she soon collapses again from lack of water.


Cindy can help with that issue, however.

Jenny: "Thanks, Cindy."

Cindy: "You need to take better care of yourself, Mrs. Smith."

It's good advice, but Jenny doesn't really seem to understand what she needs to do.

She won't spend enough time outside to fulfill her Sunlight need, and has to run back out several times a day to bask. 


If she would only stay out for a little while, she'd probably be all right... but she won't.

She has too many important matters to attend to indoors, it seems.



A little while after PT, Jenny, and Nervous arrived at the asylum, Cindy was informed that the Powers that Be had downloaded a more-than-8-Sims-on-a-lot hack decided the asylum could handle a few more patients.

Another member of the Bigfoot tribe had wandered into town and needed a place to go, and Cindy gladly agreed to take him in.

Circe:  "Great. I wonder how long it'll be before this one burns the place down?"

Cindy: "Now, I know your people are more advanced than they usually get credit for, but you have lived outside most of your life, and there are certain... um... niceties that need to be observed when one lives indoors. For example, the toilet..."

Bigfoot: "Bigfoot know use toy-let. Bigfoot use toy-let-place out there." *points outside*

Cindy:  "Um, well... you can go outside if you want, but you don't have to. Come to the bathroom, I'll tell you all about it."

Bigfoot:  "Bath-room!  Bath-room!  Bigfoot show!  Go bath-room!  Bigfoot show you Bigfoot go bath-room!"

Cindy:  "Oh!  Um... well, that's not really necessary... I mean... you don't have to show me... um... wait!"  *gets carried off*

General Buzz:  "Jesus... what's going on in there?"

Circe:  "She's potty training another Missing Link."

General Buzz:  "Oh, God... not again!"

Circe:  *answers phone call from old friend*


Hmm... makes you wonder what kind of "messing around" our Mr. Cho is referring to and what type of product is he researching?  Maybe Cindy needs to do a "routine" inventory check, starting with Circe.  ;)


Speaking of Circe... She does spend a lot of time thinking about brains, but she's proven herself to be quite a valuable member of the asylum's household.

She gets the mail,

...takes out the trash,


...cleans the toilet,


...and even serves meals occasionally... all on her own.

General Buzz, being the military man he is, appreciates someone who likes to run a tight ship, and he's always been able to talk to Circe about most of his favorite topics.

And of course, it hasn't escaped the General's notice that Circe obviously goes commando.

So, it was only a matter of time before he and the recently widowed Mrs. Beaker took their relationship to the next level.

Awww. It's almost too bad Circe is a zombie and therefore unable to have children. I bet they'd have some adorable babies.

*makes note to self*

And the ACR-induced loving continues...


Pascal:  "Hmm... I find myself overcome with the need to expel procreative matter. How perplexing."

Cindy:  "Um, Pascal? Are you all right? Do you need  help with anything?"

Pascal: "Yes.  Yes, I think I would appreciate some assistance, thank you."

So, despite Pascal only coming out at night and their relationship barely being at the "friend" stage, Cindy's first time sack session ends up being with him.

Unsurprisingly, it appears he's the missionary type.   Methodical sims are methodical.


Pascal:   "That was... astounding!   Wouldn't you agree?  I do amaze myself sometimes."

Cindy:  "Ouch."


However, there's no rest for the tender and throbbing, as the werewolves are hungry and Cindy needs to get up and cook.

My goodness, Cindy... keep your mind on the cooking!  For someone who is in the Culinary career path, you sure burn a lot of things!


Most of the time when Cindy's at work, the asylum stays rather quiet.

Getting some action in the bedroom has the General a lot more mellow these days, and he's even taken up a new hobby.

Meanwhile, When Nervous gets hungry outside near the trash cans, what should he do?

Hey, there's no need to walk all the way inside when there's perfectly good trash right there!

Nervous:   OM NOM NOM

Bigfoot:  "Bath-room. Bigfoot need bath-room now!"


Bigfoot:  "Bath-room! Bath-room!"

Circe:  "For God's sake, Nervous!  Put that stupid thing away!  Do you want everyone to think you're insane?"

Nervous:  "Oh, don't you listen to that mean lady, Sacky. We'll just pretend she isn't there."

Jenny:  "Lazlo? What's wrong? Are you upset because Cindy slept with Pascal?"

Lazlo:  "Yeah, well... I know I shouldn't be, but it's just..."


Jenny:  "Well, you just stop feeling that way right now, Little Brother. Cindy is interested in you, you know. All you need to do is tell her how you feel."

Lazlo:  "You think so?"

Jenny:  "I know so. Now, you stop being upset this minute!"

Lazlo:  "Okay, Sis. I will."

Nervous:  "Coochie coochie coo!"

PT:  "That boy needs some serious help."


So does PT, it would seem.

Oh no. Bigfoot... please say you aren't cooking lobster!  *bites nails and trembles*

Whew!  Well, he did burn it... but thankfully, it was the only thing that burned.

And awww... he wasn't making it just for himself, either. How sweet.


Although PT's transformation is becoming a part of life for him, it still isn't easy.

And by the way, General... if you want to get any loving from Circe tonight you better stop with that howling!  You know she doesn't like it one bit.

So now, instead of dragging herself off to the bedroom with you, she's going to be getting therapy sessions and panhandling all night.

See what I mean?

Lazlo: *farts*

Lazlo:  "Hey, it's not bad manners... it's good food!   My compliments to the chef."

Nice, Lazlo. Way to make an impression.

Well, the ghosts finally made an appearance. All three of them... in the same night!

It's always hilarious when two ghosts claim the same bed.  And in this case, it's not only the same bed, but the same side of the bed.

Loki:  "Hot damn!  I love this bed! I had sex in this bed!  Yeah!"

Bigfoot:   D:

Cindy arrives home from work to a familar sight.

But the good news is, she was finally promoted... so things are looking up!

Meanwhile, the ghosts are having a good time terrorizing the household.  The ghost of the first Bigfoot, especially, seems to enjoy creeping everyone out.

Nervous:  "ZOMG!"

Bigfoot:  "Aaaaah!  Bigfoot see dead Bigfoot!"

However, it was Loki's ghost who caused the tragedy that night.

Seeing that spirit was just too much for poor old PT's ticker, already under so much stress from his werewolf transformations.

Sorry, Madame.  :(   :(  :(


Cindy:  *cries*  "Oh, poor PT! I'm going to miss him so much!  But... but General... aren't you upset?"

General Buzz:  *glares*  "Why would I be? It's one less alien freak to worry about." 

Cindy: *sobs*  "But that's so heartless!  He was such a good man . Oh, poor Jenny!"

Cindy was right to be worried.  Before the tragedy, Jenny had been doing rather well aspiration-wise, but PT's death dropped her to dangerous levels.

She already has issues taking care of her health in her altered state, and being so depressed certainly isn't going to help.

However, as upsetting as it was to lose another household member, Cindy received notification that she's getting not only one replacement patient, but TWO.

Chester Gieke,

... and Erin Beaker.

Erin seems to do a decent job keeping her Water and Sunlight needs up, even in the winter. Yet she does find she gets cold faster than usual, and goes inside after sunset needing to warm up.

And it looks like if Erin has her way, she'll soon be making Lazlo forget all about Cindy.

More to Come...

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