Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Spoiler pics/sneak peeks from the Supernatural Asylum!

I was playing last night for a little while and thought I'd share these pics.  They're in no particular order, so make of them what you will. ;)

3 guesses who the Flaming Hourglass of Doom belongs to (as if the leaves don't give it away, lol) 

He's so cute in that outfit.  Looks like a grown Harry Potter.  A grown Harry Potter that's a vampire, that is.

*Squees!*  (By the way, his game-given alien baby... a girl named Soleil...  grew at an astonishing rate and then decided to go live in the college sim bin see her alien family... that's why she's not coming into the story much.  I don't even know what her personality is or anything, lol) 

Fickle, thy name is ACR.  O_O  

By the way... does anyone know how to turn off "autosaving" when you're posting journal entries?  I don't ever remember LJ doing that when I first started posting.  It's only been in the last month or so and it's SO ANNOYING.  It lags my computer down like you wouldn't believe... makes it take four times as long to post an update, and is really unnecessary for me since  I have my updates saved as a Text document anyway.  I've searched LJ looking for a way to disable it but haven't found anything yet.  


Tags: supernatual asylum
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