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This was on my AOL frontpage...

Jobs with the highest fatality rates
The following 10 occupations had the highest fatality rates in 2007:


1. Fishing and related fishing workers

Fatality rate: 111.8

2. Logging workers

Fatality rate: 86.4

3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

Fatality rate: 66.7

4. Structural iron and steel workers

Fatality rate: 45.5

5. Farmers and ranchers

Fatality rate: 38.4

6. Roofers

Fatality rate: 29.4

7. Electrical power-line installers and repairers

Fatality rate: 29.1

8. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers

Fatality rate: 26.2

9. Refuse and recyclable material collectors

Fatality rate: 22.8

10. Police and sheriff's patrol officers

Fatality rate: 21.4

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