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Sim Storyteller Challenge 013: Creature of the Night: The Supernatural Asylum

The Supernatual Asylum Challenge: Part Four
Warnings: Language, sexual references

With so many patients now at the Strangetown Asylum, the Powers that Be decided the facility needed another double bedroom.

A second small bathroom was built as well, upstairs in the otherwise empty second story of the building. Not to worry about wandering patients, there is no access to any other parts of the upper floor; the elevator opens directly into the bathroom.


...which also provides a chance there might be some plummeting in the elevator as well. That's always a good time.

Good girl, Erin. Drink that water! Believe it or not, that's something I never see Jenny do.

Night falls at the Asylum once again, and Pascal heads out to the telescope as usual.

This particular evening, however, he gets quite a surprise!

Pascal: "Oh, Gods... I can't believe this is happening to me again!"

Cindy is so upset by Pascal's abduction that she passes out, stone cold, on the kitchen floor.

Erin: "Oh! Oh, I hope Pascal gets home soon! Cindy's not waking up!"

In due time, of course, the residents of the Asylum hear the spacecraft bringing Pascal home, and they all rush out to see his return.

Well, most of them.

Cindy is very happy Pascal is home safe, and rushes toward him to hug him in relief, but she's hurt and mortified when he just brushes past her on his way inside without so much as a second glance.

And so, later that morning, after the sun rose and Pascal retired to his coffin, a tired and broken-hearted Cindy gave in to Lazlo's advances.

Although Erin Beaker had been making it quite clear how she felt toward him, Lazlo just wasn't interested.

He still hadn't given up on Cindy, and even though he could tell her heart wasn't quite in it, that didn't keep ACR from making him go for it matter to him.

Lazlo: "Damn, sex makes me hungry!"


Jenny passed her Elder transition in a burst of leaves,

...along with a Flaming Hourglass of Doom. Poor Jenny.


Somehow, she and Erin have gotten to the point where they hate each other. Who knew two plantsims could be territorial?

Maybe it's just that they both use that garish pink lipstick.

Erin: "It looks better on me!"

Jenny: "No, I'm the only one that can pull off that shade, even with green skin!"

Erin: "Take that back or I'll kick your ass, old woman!"

Jenny: "I'd like to see you try, little girl!"

General Buzz: "Yeah! Chicks fighting!"

Erin: "I told you I'd kick your ass! Ha! I put you through a fucking wall!"

Wow, she really did. She must be more related to Loki than I thought.

General Buzz: "Now how the hell am I supposed to clean this up? Someone's goddamned social bunny is in my way!"

He was right, too. In this case, it belonged to Jenny.

Social Bunny: *refuses to move*


As Midwinter was approaching, Cindy decided to have a bit of holiday cheer for the patients.

So, she baked some cookies,

...and a special guest appeared!

The festive atmosphere was fun for all.

And, through the magic of mistletoe,

Cindy and Pascal even made up.

With full approval of Lazlo, apparently.

Lazlo: "You do know she's knocked up with my kid, though... right?"

Pascal: "What?!? Are you saying that you two--"

*is interrupted by belly pop*

Nervous: "Just think, Pascal! Soon you'll have one just like this!"

Pascal: "Um, no... No, I won't."

Cindy's baby bump soon became evident as well.

Lazlo: "There's Daddy's little squirt!"

Bigfoot: "Bigfoot LOVE babby! Bigfoot hug and squeeze babby!"

Cindy: "Chester, help me!"

Chester: "Babby?"

Speaking of Bigfoot, Cindy discovered she could influence the big guy to do anything from bathing...

... to repairing broken objects. Quite useful to have around.

Cindy: "Plus he's so warm and cuddly!"

I really need to get Cindy engaged to somebody so she'll quit doing that.


With all the baby excitement going on in the Asylum, Jenny began to feel a bit depressed. She'd always wanted to have another baby, but now she was too old.

...or was she?

Apparently not when it comes to asexual reproduction!

Welcome, little Verde Smith!

With the arrival of Verde and the two babies on the way, the Asylum needed a nursery. So, the Powers that Be allowed part of the main living area to be partitioned off and brought in some cribs, toys, and strategically placed sunlamps.

Now Verde can gain Charisma and fulfill his Sunlight need at the same time!

He still needs to get his Water the old-fashioned way, however...

Well, most of the time. Aquarium water puddles also work.


Pascal: *belly pop*

Nervous: *sobs* "Babies make me so emotional!"

Pregnant or not, Cindy's still responsible for most of the cooking.

But what's this? Is that the General serving a meal for everyone at the asylum?

Sure, it's only mac and cheese, but he gets an A+ for effort!




See? The refrigerator's over there. *shrugs*

Wow, Erin... that's a nice color for you. Sort of a... turquoise.

And then she had to go and wilt. Interesting color combination with that, too. That's Erin, always trying to be a trendsetter.

This is interesting. Apparently toddlers can "see" social bunnies, even though they're invisible to all but the affected sim. I had Verde selected (I'll be playing all of the children until they are at least teens) and just happened to catch this.

Circe: "What the hell are you laughing at, Bunny?"

Verde: "Geez, Mom... if you're going to keep playing with that instead of me, I'm going to go somewhere else."

Awww... Lazlo's going to make a wonderful father when his baby comes!

Which is looming ever closer. Belly pop #2!

Bigfoot: "Babby! Babby! Bigfoot good with babby! See? Bigfoot show Bigfoot love babby!"


I couldn't resist... I had Nervous flirt with Chester just enough to get them to have some chemistry. I can't help it; I think they are just adorable together.

The rest they're going to have to manage on their own though.

Pascal: "Look, Cindy. Do you see that F2G star 37 arc seconds away from the Canes Venatici of Ursa Major? That is the solar system of Mizar, where I was taken to be pollinated."

Cindy: "You mean, that little yellow one near the tail of the Big Dipper?"

Pascal: "You're so cute." *kiss*


Well well well... I wonder who's under the covers in here?

Hmmm... cold plantsim feet and zombie feet. Buh?

Um... this was unexpected. Erin Beaker and Chester Gieke? But... but Chester! You were supposed to be with Nervous! *pouts*

Chester: *stupid grin*

Erin: "Oh my God I can't believe I just had sex with a zombie. Being cold must have messed me up in the head. I better go check and make sure he didn't leave something in there... and I'm not talking about sperm..."

Cindy: "Wow, Pascal... I find it so hard to believe you're due before I am."

Hmm... I have a feeling General Buzz howled. Just a guess.

Erin: "We're all stuck in this room and that makes me angry! RAWR!"

Pascal: *winds clock*

Pascal: *hears funny noise*

Clock: *falls to pieces*

Sun: *rises*

Pascal: *goes into labor*


Soon, Pascal's labor is rewarded with a small gift from the stars... a baby boy named Pol.

So adorable!

Everyone is more amazed that the General is actually smiling at the baby than they are about the birth itself.

General Buzz: "What, you think I'm turning into a pussy? I'll kick your ass!  I'll kick all of your asses!"

Pascal: "Well, Pol... it's daylight and I need to be in repose. So I'll just lay you here among the remains of the broken clock."

Luckily Nervous is nearby and scoops up the baby just as Pascal hurries down the hall.

He's not the only one, either. Most of the asylum's residents take a hand in baby and child care.


Erin has also taken an interest in little Verde, despite the fact she hates his mother, and she tries to show him the joys of her favorite hobby, Nature.

Erin: "See, Verde? See the fishies? Say hi to the fishies! Swim, fishies! Swim!"

Verde: "Hi fishy! Fishy svim! Fishy svim!"

Erin: *tickles* "Oh, you're so smart, Verde! And I'm going to get you!"

Verde: *giggles madly*

Don't forget everybody... he's an adult in just two more sim days.

Cindy's finding it increasingly difficult to cook, as her belly holds her too far from the counters and the stove... but she still manages.

Poor Pol, left alone on the hard floor wearing a diaper full of filth.

Cindy: "Don't worry, Pol, I'll get you all fixed up here in a min... oh... oh wait!"


Pol: *sighs*

Lazlo: *has stuck horror face from the TV*   "OMG CINDY'S IN LABOR!!"


And, with less pain and disturbance than childbirth has any right to have, Cindy delivers Lazlo's baby... a beautiful black haired, brown-eyed little girl... Annie.



Me: *discreetly forces error on Lazlo to get rid of stuck horror face*

Finally, Erin remembers Pol, and hurries him off for a bath,

...Lazlo spends some time getting to know his new daughter,

... and Cindy goes back to doing what she does best... cleaning up the mess.

More to Come...
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