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Sim Storyteller Challenge 013: Creature of the Night: The Supernatural Asylum

The Supernatural Asylum Challenge: Part Five
Warnings: mild language; mild sexual situations

A/N: Please forgive me if the action seems choppy, lol. There's so much going on at all times on this lot, sometimes it's nearly impossible to make one scene flow into the next. ;)

And so, right after having her baby, Cindy was back to the old routine of cooking,

... serving,

... and cleaning at the asylum.

Everyone helped out with the children, taking turns feeding and playing with all of them as much as they could.

General Buzz even pitched in, although he still couldn't figure out how a human could be part plant.

General Buzz: "God... this thing is even weirder than those freaky-ass aliens!"

Verde: Mommy's funny!

Nervous: "Hello? I'm standing here!"


Time passed quickly, and soon it was time for all three youngsters' transitions.

Jenny and Verde

Lazlo and Annie

Pascal: "I demand to know who insisted I arise while the sun is still out for this?"

Very quickly, however, the sun set and Pascal's mood improved dramatically.

And up we go!

Toddlersplode #1! Pol!

Toddlersplode #2! Annie!

Finally, Verde takes center stage,

... and grows into a man... fully capable of adult romantic activity and procreation! Somehow that always makes me feel a bit squirmy. But hey, it's a game, right?

Annie: "C'mon, Pol... dere's kayons!"

Pol: "Kayons?"

"Yeah, kayons!"

Pol: "You wight... dese good kayons!"

Annie: "An' boks. Boks too!"

Annie: "Boks yummy!"


Pascal: "Lazlo, isn't it simply amazing that our nephew has grown to maturity so quickly? The wonders of combining human and plant DNA! It's astounding!"

Lazlo: *thinks* "Yeah and he can already get laid! That's awesome!"

Verde: *wonders* "Um... am I supposed to eat this?"

Speaking of Verde getting laid...

Erin: "Remember this, Verde? I'm going to get you!"

Erin: "Oooh... you're... uh... a lot bigger now, aren't you? I think you might end up getting me!"

Erin: "So come on... come and get me, Verde!"

Erin! Shame on you! Just think about how upset Chester is going to be!

And I heard a lullabye too... did you do that on purpose?

Erin: "*stupid grin*

Speaking of lullabyes, nothing makes a Family sim hornier than having a baby that has just grown into a toddler. Better be careful, Pascal... Cindy has that baby-hungry look in her eye!

Somehow, I don't think he minds.

No lullabye this time though. Well, I'm sure they'll keep trying.

Oh no.


But isn't this so sad and strange? Nervous is dying, and no one seems to care.

Grim took him, and not one other sim even acknowledged his death. No coming to watch, no memory of it, no crying, nothing.

RIP Nervous. *cries*


Although it might not be the most ideal environment for children, Cindy did manage to teach Annie a few things during her time as a toddler.

Pascal also spent some time instructing his son. After all, it's never too early for a Curious to begin on the path of education!

Pol: *ponders what to do with newfound learnings*

Hello... what's this?

Looks like the Powers that Be have decided the asylum needed yet another element of the supernatural!

Cindy: "Oh great... a genie. Now what am I supposed to do with that?"

"Well, I suppose we could try putting it in the dining area. It'll be a great conversation piece."

Eventually, I think the genie got tired of hanging around doing nothing, because he disappeared into the lamp after a while. Now the lamp just sits there with the urns of the deceased.

Annie: "I went boom-boom."

"Daddy? Daddy, I went boom-boom!"

Lazlo: "What? You want me to change your diaper? Isn't that Mommy's job? Go find your mother."

Cindy: *overhears* "Sorry... I'm busy right now! Lazlo, she's your daughter... you can change a diaper or two!"

Lazlo: *grumbles*


Night falls again, and with it come hungry werewolves, and ghosts as well.

Loki's ghost is out. That's never a good sign.

It always seems as though he finds one sim to pick on... and this time it's Chester.


And again.

Okay, Loki. You did it. Are you happy? The poor guy not only got scared to death, he's frozen in some unnatural position.

Jenny was quite distraught by Chester's death. And no wonder... per ACR he was the one she had the hots for. Who knows what there could have been between them if Erin hadn't stolen his interest away first?

Jenny: "I want you to leave my son alone, you whore! You led poor Chester on, and you didn't even love him! And now he's dead!"

Verde: "Mother, stop that right now! Erin is pregnant by my human-seeds!"


Verde: *reads* "...and then Jack took an ax and chopped the beanstalk down... Um... *shudders* You know what? Let's read a less violent story, okay?"

Meanwhile, General Buzz has had a rough night.

Being a werewolf makes him hungrier than usual, but he was tired too... and he spent the entire night in the loop of being too tired to eat, too hungry to sleep, and being scared by ghosts on top of it all.

So, unfortunately, he starved to death shortly after sunrise.

Circe was inconsolable. She didn't cry this much even after Loki died.

On a happier note, Erin had her first belly pop.

Cindy: "Everything looks wonderful, Erin! I'm so happy for you!"


Even though the current residents had been given hardly any time to adjust to the recent deaths, Cindy was informed that more patients were going to be admitted to the Asylum.

General Buzz's grown sons; Tank, Ripp, and Buck arrived, each bearing a different affliction.

Jenny's son Johnny was also admitted, with the same malady as his late father. It seems the supernatual plague is spreading fast, ...and now there's a new mutation; Witchiness.

Ophelia Nigmos found she had become a witch of the Light,

and Johnny's sister Jill was afflicted by the Dark aspect. Jill doesn't really mind being on the wicked side, however... in fact, she seems to quite enjoy her new powers.

Ripp is helpless to resist.


Well, of course if they leave piles of refuse lying around on the floor, they need to expect the consequences.


Then, of course, everyone has to run in and stomp on them... getting the flu and spreading it around.

Nice, Lazlo. Let the toddler crawl around on the floor with the roaches.

Bigfoot: "Bugs? Bigfoot know bugs. Bigfoot know bugs no problem. Bigfoot kill bugs! See? Bigfoot show! Bigfoot show bugs dead!"

cindy knows just what to do for the flu epidemic, too, and by morning, everyone has had a bowl of her magic cure and is feeling much better.

Well, mostly.

Pascal and Ripp: "Aaah! The sun! It burns!"


A short while after the new arrivals settled in, it was time for Annie and Pol to have another transition.

They both became adorable kids.

Annie immediately decided she liked cooking.

The results aren't so good yet, but she's working on it.

Annie: "I'm sure you're very interested in the environment, aren't you, Mr. Smith?"

Pol: "Daddy, can you show me where I came from?"

Pascal: "Of course, Pol. Just rotate the ascension axis to 23 arc minutes west, and then carefully adjust for declination..."

Pol: "What?"

And later...

Vidcund: *spooks Pascal*

Vidcund: *spooks Annie*

Vidcund: *spooks Verde*

Vidcund: *spooks Jenny*

Then, this. I didn't see who the ghost was that dealt this fatal blow, but based on the night's activity, I have my suspicions as to who it was.

Poor Buck. He made such a nice zombie too.

Vidcund: *plummets in elevator* Well, it serves him right!

As Cindy was out of influence points and therefore couldn't get Bigfoot to repair the elevator, she had to tackle it herself. Luckily she managed it without any electrocution, or Vidcund would have had that on his head, too!

Ohai, kids on the bus! Say hello to Erin, but don't be offended if she doesn't say anything back.

Annie: "This is so embarrassing."

Pol: "Just hurry and get on the bus... maybe nobody will notice."

Cindy: "Erin, you need to stay hydrated! I'm sure passing out like this isn't good for the baby!"

Luckily, Erin revived just in time for her second belly pop!

It appears her impending grandchild might be softening Jenny toward Erin.

Jenny: "I'm so sorry I've been so mean to you, Erin. I didn't ever really give you a chance."

"But my son loves you, and that's enough for me. Can you forgive me?"

Erin: "Of course I can, Jenny. This baby is a part of you too."

They're still not anywhere near friends, but it's a start.


Of course, with the arrival of Tank, Ripp, and Johnny, there were more fights in the Asylum than ever. With General Buzz gone and Jenny being contrite, there had been a chance for some peace in the household.

Not so much any more!

Pascal: "Very well done, Johnny. That's a perfect headlock."

Lazlo: "Yeah, wolf fight!"

Ophelia: "Oh no! Johnny! Why can't I think of some kind of spell?"

Tank: "Ha, Ripp! You're such a pussy!"

Ripp: "Oh, my back!"

Jill: *is evil*

Ophelia: "So... much... howling!"

Ripp: "So... many... ghosts!"

Jill: "Oh, you poor baby. Come here and I'll make you forget all about those ghosts!"

Sorry, General. I don't think you're going to be able to distract Ripp from this.

Or this.

Or this.

When Jill sets out to make a guy think about something else, she really makes sure he thinks about something else!

Jill: "Whoa."

Whoa is right. She's pregnant.


Nothing like an early-morning homework cram session.

Pol: "If Timmy has seven apples, and gives three to Mary, but Mary says she only wants one, so she gives two back to him, but then he finds a worm in one and throws it on the ground, then how many apples..."

Annie: "Why in the heck would I care about someone else's apples?"

Erin: "Uggggghhh... I think the baby's coming!"

She was right... a blond haired, green-eyed boy named Kyle.

Verde: "Wow... I'm a father. I'm a... father. Already. A father. Wow."

No, Verde! I know it's all very sudden for you, but you don't need to throw yourself in front of a bus!

Erin: "Here, Cindy... do you want to hold him?

Cindy: "You know I do. Oh... he's so beautiful!"

Cindy: "Oh, Erin... I want another one."

Grandma Jenny makes sure to get in some baby love also.

Jenny: "Oh, you're just too precious, aren't you? Oh yes you are. Yes you are!"

Jenny: "Sleep tight, darling boy."


Just like with the other babies, all the residents of the asylum pitch in with the daily care.

Bigfoot loves to lend a hand with feeding.

Even Circe finds herself drawn to the new baby.

Circe: *croons* "In a way, you could still be considered my nephew. After all, you are the firstborn son of my husband's sister and you carry the Beaker name. I'll make sure you're raised properly, don't you worry about that."

Despite living with werewolves his entire life, Pol still can't quite get used to watching them transform.

Cindy, however, has gotten into a routine when it comes to the asylum's nightly changes.

Cindy: "Here you go, Tank. I know you wolves are starving right after you transform, so I made this just for you. Eat up."

Tank: *glares at Ripp* "Don't you have to go suck blood out of an animal or something?"

Ripp: *gobbles* "Funny, Tank."

Cindy: *off camera* "Well, I'll be... in the bedroom... if anyone needs me."

Pascal: "So, do you want to try again?"

Cindy: "Yes, I do. I know it's crazy, but I want another baby."

Bigfoot: "Uhhhh... Bigfoot want know... How is babby formed? How girl get pragnent?"

More to come...

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