Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Blips: Challenge 002: Drabble+: Death

 My name is Dr. Draven. 

I’ve been assigned to look after seven patients at the old Sedona Hills Mental Health Facility.  Why I must do this, I’d rather not say, and I’m just as sure you would not want to know. It’s enough for you to know that I am here, and so are they, and that is where my story begins.

As soon as I walked in the door of the Center I was greeted by the demands of my charges; we were out of food and the trash compactor was broken.

I ordered the food first, and then I tackled the trash compactor.

That was a very bad idea.

Ol’ Grimmie.. he’s  a decent sort of guy, really.

Although the dead tell no tales, he’s agreed to let me tell this one; however, here it now must end.

I don’t know what will happen to Sedona Hills. I’m sure another caregiver will come to take my place, or perhaps not. The lives of my patients will forever be marked by my death, but they will go on, as best as they can.




Tags: drabble
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