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The Standish Legacy


 Generation Five: Matthew, Part III

Matthew Sandish stood alone in his family’s graveyard, long after his grandparents’ funeral had ended and the mourners had left.


He couldn’t believe his beloved grandparents were no longer with him, but they were not, and Matthew was alone.

Leo and Alaina had passed on after a long life together filled with love. They had, in fact, died on the same day, within minutes of each other.  Knowing their time was near, as the very old sometimes do, they had gently made love one last time, then died in each other’s arms.


Matthew supposed it was a blessing for them to have gone over to the other side together; he wouldn’t have wanted either of them to have to live without the other, but still, it was so hard for him... he was going to miss them so much...


I can’t believe it... I’m all alone. I’m completely on my own, now, with no one.  Oh Nana and Pop... I can’t believe you’re gone!

Moonlight washed over him, a solitary, handsome figure dressed in black, standing tall with a bowed head among the graves of his ancestors.  Tears shone in his eyes and streaked his cheeks, but there was no one to wipe them away. Matthew did it himself, realizing just how alone in the world he was, now.


In spite of being intelligent, good-looking, a college honor graduate, and wealthy, Matthew was indescribably lonely.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have a lot of friends. He was naturally gregarious and pleasant, although he tended to stay away from silly games and frivolity. He did, however, enjoy having long and meaningful conversations, and touching people on that deep level had gained him many close relationships, especially once he had gone to University.


College had been a wonderful time for Matthew. Although he had financially been able to have his own house on campus, he’d chosen to live in the dorms for the experience and for the opportunity to meet new people.  He also didn’t want others to think he was a spoiled rich kid... he wanted to be seen to be just like everyone else.  If, later on, his friends found out he had money... that was okay. They would have liked him for himself first, which was the most important thing.

Also, during the past several years, Matthew had become better acquainted with his mother, father, and siblings, even though they continued to live in Strangetown.


He’d visited with them many times, both at his home and theirs.  He was thrilled to get to know his younger brother and sister, and found they amused him to no end.


Sixteen now, Emily and Zack were the terror of Strangetown, getting up to all sorts of antics... not the least of which involved allegedly trying to break into a restricted laboratory owned by a reclusive scientist.  


Matt hadn’t ever found out exactly what became of those allegations, but his father, Ripp, did tell him that to face Loki Beaker in court as he answered the juvenile charges against Emily and Zack wasn’t one of the great highlights of his life.


Matt had laughed at that and Ripp had joined in, reaffirming that what goes around does indeed come around, sooner or later...


Matthew sighed and closed his eyes.  Slow tears fell on the dry desert sand in the lonely graveyard, and a chill wind ruffled his hair and clothing. 

Yes, Matthew had lots of friends and good relationships with his family now, but the one person with whom he wanted something more would have nothing to do with him... and he didn’t know what to do or say in order to convince her how he truly felt.


Lydia, Lydia... he thought miserably, burying his face in his hands. Why can’t you see my feelings for you are real?  Why won’t you just believe?



To be Continued...

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