Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Standish update status...

It's in the works!   Slowly, but surely I'm coming along with it.  I have all my pictures planned for the next update and now all that remains is to play out the game and set up the shots.   I'm still playing it as a legacy so doing my best not to cheat  (or if I do cheat to take pictures I save just before and quit without saving.)

I swear I haven't even fired up my game in at least a week.  So depressing.  When I am on the computer in the mornings, naptime and evenings, besides checking in with LiveJournal, I've been busy selling my soul to holiday shopping for the kids.   O_O   (Yeah, you don't want to know... it's insanity.)   But I'm just about done with that and I've told myself that tonight unless all Hades breaks loose around here I'm going to get onto my game as soon as the kiddos are in bed.  WOOT!

So I haven't forgotten and there's no problems... just pesky real life getting in the way.  :D
Tags: standish legacy
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