Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

I am now a dog owner!

Yes, we are now the parents of a four year old black Lab named Lady.   :D

Lady came to us from an elderly neighbor.  My husband always plowed her driveway in the winter, and she called recently to say she wouldn't be needing him to do that this year because she was selling her house and moving to an assisted care community.  She also asked if we knew of anyone who could possibly take her dog, since she couldn't bring Lady with her.   Brian asked her some questions about the dog and the more he found out, the more it sounded like the perfect dog for us!

So, we took the dog, and she's just great.  She's already been spayed and is current on all her vaccines (check those off the list, lol) and she just loves the kids and they love her.   I thought about trying to wait until Christmas for the big unveiling, but honestly... how do you hide a 90 pound dog?   Especially one who thinks it's terribly funny to bark at the cat.  (Connor is not amused, by the way.)

Pictures to come later.  The stupid card was full when I went to take some yesterday, lol.
Tags: pets, real life
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