Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

I had my first autonomous morning cuddle in bed! Whee!

A while back, someone sent me a PM and suggested what could have been interfering with my "morning cuddle in bed" interaction was one of my moviemaking hacks (a bonsai tree that turns off sleeping Zzz's and triggers a nightmare.) 

I removed the hack a while ago, but only just noticed the morning cuddle today.  :) 

Yes the girl is purple with little stars, lol.  No, she's not some new kind of Good Witch... she's actually a legacy founder I'm playing.  I'd always wanted to make a founder with odd-colored custom skin and eyes, just to see how much/how often the trait will turn up in the legacy (and/or how soon it's completely bred out.)   Her bedmate there is the Elder Downtownie I had used in the Standish Legacy... Ben was his name there, but in this game his name is Dickson.   I've been calling him Hot Old Downtownie (aka HOD) in my mind, lol.

They just had a baby who is purple with purple eyes... but has red hair!   :D  
Tags: sims 2
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