Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Voice Post for CultofFrances Challenge!

232K 1:13
“Hi, this is Cindy N One and I am from Central Ohio and this is my voice post for the pronunciation challenge on Calls Apprentice. So here we go, let's see. Strange town, Pascal Curious, Vidcum(?) Curious, Live low Curious, Crowley Curious, Lola Curious. Pollination technician no. 9 Smith. Jenny Smith, Johnny Smith, Joel Smith. Lucky Beaker, First Beaker, Erin Beaker. Nervous subject, Christine Loft, AJ Loner, Olive Spector, Ofilia Nigmos(?), General Buzz Grant, Lyle Grant. Optional, Tank Grant, Ripp Grant, Butt Grant. Francis Jay Wurvington(?) the 3rd. ___ Don Lossario, Brandy Broke, Dustin Broke, Dill Broke, Lucy Berb, Verona Velve, Bottom Summer Dream and that's it. Hopefully you enjoyed listening. Thank you. Bye bye.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

Man I sound weird, lol!

This was really fun!
Tags: voice post
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