Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

I'm laughing at myself because I used to (privately) make fun of people who went all ga-ga over their dogs but now I am one of them.

I guess one has to own a dog to really understand, lol!

Anyway, I decided Lady's food wasn't good enough for her.  It was Dollar General dry dog food, which my father in law had bought, and it was Nasty with a capital N.  So I did some research, and yesterday I went to the local farm animal/pet food and supply place and bought her some Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula.  I was waffling between Canidae and Taste of the Wild, but TOTW was ranked higher in the dog food analyses I had read.

She also got some Waggin Train Meat Blast porkhide chews (with real liver centers!) and some chicken jerky treats.

She's a happy dog now.  :D

Connor (the cat), of course, has to still eat his Hill's C/D that I get from the vet.  He had Feline Urologic Syndrome in the past and I'm afraid to give him anything else because of that.  :( 

Okay, enough about my pets... now back to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal.  :) 
Tags: pets, real life
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