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Apocalypse Challenge Musings...

A few notes on how I've modified the rules for the Apocalypse Challenge for my game...


First of all, I moved the Music resrictions to Natural Science (because unlocking them under Music made absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL) and did away with the Education, Adventure, Journalism, Law, and Gamer restrictions as well.   I figured just because I have all of the EPs doesn't mean I need to make this Challenge any harder on myself than people who do it without those EPs, right?   Besides, most if not all of the restrictions were accounted for already and adding those particular ones just complicated things too much, IMO.

In order to go on vacation in my game, I'm saying Military, Science, and Natural Science restrictions have to be lifted instead of Military, Science, and Music. (I mean, WTF Music?)  I'm also not putting any restrictions on what vacations can be taken (i.e. lifting Adventure before taking a tropical vacation, or Athletic before taking a mountain vacation.)  

Witchiness from Apartment Life is still presenting a problem.  However, I think I will make that option available to my sims when they lift both the Paranormal and the Alien Technology restrictions.  Also, even if I do get a witch in my game, their spellcasting will still be under any restrictions that are in place.  How that will work, exactly, I'm not sure, lol.

Aside from the Secondary Aspiration, which will be rolled from a die for every sim after the Founder, I will not use any Aspiration Benefits until Alien Technology has been unlocked (which also unlocks all Aspiration Rewards so it seemed to make sense.)

And that's how I'm going to play it, lol.   A Word document of the rules as I've modified them is available here.  It should be the first thing listed there.

Not much has happened in my game so far, although I'm looking forward to playing again tonight.  Last night, I got Worth graduated from college and built him his shack. 

(It is Winter in that picture, even though there is no snow on the ground.)

He brought the chessboard and a thing of Smart Milk in his inventory along with his diploma.  I've decided to get him into the Natural Science career track (Thank you for that heads-up Madame!) but so far it hasn't been in the paper for him yet. 

Maybe tomorrow... eh, Worth?

Worth, you don't look as though you're trying to find a job in that paper!

Worth:  "Well how else am I supposed to keep up my interest in the Arts?"

Some things never change, eh?   


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