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So I've started something new... AGAIN. :P

I know I'm all over the place lately.  Trust me, it's not only with the Sims game either!  Ugh.


I decided the Apocalypse Challenge was just waaaaay too complex for me to keep up with.   It was really fun putting Worth all the way through college without cheating (I hadn't ever done that with any sim yet... even in my legacy I would always drop them out.)  But after I started playing Worth on his home lot, I started having major issues with the rules.   I didn't like having to keep checking before I did everything and it was becoming a big hassle for me and NOT FUN.  And we can't have that in the Sims, can we?   Of course not!   

So I went back to the Challenges page and perused more Challenges.

I'm not sure if what I'm doing fits in to any of the official challenges, but I was inspired by the Prosperity Challenge and the Sim Island Challenge.   I'm following the basic Prosperity Challenge rules, and "rolled" four of my five families.  (I love this virtual dice for that purpose!)   However, I liked the idea in the Sim Island challenge of having my families be the only sims on the island and thus they have only each other (and the offspring) to date, marry, etc.  I also like the "shipwrecked" theme.  

And here is what I've developed so far.  Oh... Worth Less makes another appearance in this game too!  (I just had to use him when in my largest family, I rolled an adult male Fortune Cancer sim!)  I also officially "rolled" for four families, Prosperity-style, but decided to add a fifth family of my own design.  *big grin*    (See if you can tell which one that is, lol.) 

Less family:
Penny:  Elder/Knowledge-Grilled Cheese/Scorpio.  Wife to Clue; mother of Worth; and grandmother to Hope, Joy, and Cheer.
Clue:  Elder/Popularity-Pleasure/Pisces.  Husband to Penny; father of Worth; and grandfather to Hope, Joy, and Cheer.
Worth:  Adult/Fortune-Family/Cancer.  Son of Penny and Clue; father of Hope, Joy, and Cheer.
Hope:  Teen/Family-Knowledge/Gemini.  Daughter of Worth; Granddaughter of Clue and Penny; sister of Joy and Cheer.
Joy:  Child/Libra.  Daughter of Worth; Granddaughter of Clue and Penny; sister of Hope and Cheer.
Cheer:  Toddler/Taurus.  Daughter of Worth; Granddaughter of Clue and Penny; sister of Hope and Joy.

Petal family:
Rose: Teen/Romance-Family/Virgo.  Sister of Violet and Marygold.
Violet:  Child/Capricorn.  Sister of Rose and Marygold.
Marygold:  Toddler/Aquarius.  Sister of Rose and Violet.

Gapp family:
Ginevera:  Elder/Romance-Pleasure/Aquarius.  Grandmother of Bridge.
Bridge:  Child/Pisces.  Grandson of Ginevera

Curious family:
Pascal:  Adult/Knowledge-Fortune/Scorpio.  Brother of Vidcund and Lazlo.
Vidcund:  Adult/Knowledge-Family/Scorpio.  Brother of Pascal and Lazlo.
Lazlo:  Adult/Knowledge-Pleasure/Sagittarius.  Brother of Vidcund and Pascal.
Cindy:  Adult/Family-Pleasure/Taurus.   One of the janitorial staff on the cruise ship.

Oceanus family:
Wharf:  Adult/Pleasure-Romance/Libra.  Husband to Marina; father of Pearl and Reef.
Marina:  Adult/Family-Knowledge/Sagittarius.  Wife to Wharf; mother of Pearl and Reef.
Pearl:  Teen/Popularity-Romance/Leo.  Daughter of Wharf and Marina; sister of Reef.
Reef:  Child/Aries.  Son of Wharf and Marina; brother of Pearl. 

And that's it so far!  I think it will be interesting to see how the community develops! 
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