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Prosperity Island Spam: It's a wedding!

I am really loving my Prosperity neighborhood, which is awesome to me because this is the first time in a long while I've been so excited to play!   Whether or not I continue writing the story, or even just write sporadically, I'm sure I'll be able to play this challenge out to the end, and that makes me happy.  :)

Here's a bit of spam from Cindy and Pascal's wedding.  Yes, Cindy ended up crushing on Pascal first (he's pretty insistant that way) and I decided that's the way I would play it.  I don't have a no-jealousy hack in, and I ended up taking ACR out (too many errors) so everybody's going to stay faithful, too. 

Don't worry about Vid missing out on any lovin'... he's knocked up by the aliens, after all. 

Ahem,.  Moving on...

Here's the happy couple waiting for all of their guests.  They're getting married at a community lot.  
And oh, um... yeah... she's pregnant, by the way.  ;)

Unsavory Charlatan:  "Hmmmm... a wedding?  How fortuitous!  I'll just pretend to be one of the invited guests!" 


Now, in this neighborhood I already knew I had an Evil Warlock.  He had arrived at the lot just in time for the wedding and had already changed into his Island finery (and Summoned his Spectral Cat) to attend the ceremony when... out of the blue... the Good Warlock shows up too!  

Good Warlock:  *Sigh*  "I just looooove weddings!" 

The Evil Warlock promptly heads over to kick some Infallibly Good Ass.

Evil Warlock:  "How dare you foil my plans for this wedding and stop my thunderstorm and hordes of roaches!"

They did fight... but the cut scene for the wedding started right about then, so I missed it.  XD  Once the cut scene was over, they were both gone, so I have no idea who won! 

Speaking of cut scenes...  Awwwww....

Cindy's got some serious balancing ability to lean over backward THAT far with THAT much belly sticking out.  I'm just sayin'! 

The Unsavory Charlatan approves of this marriage.  *standing ovation*

Worth:  "My face hurts from smiling so much." 


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