Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Prosperity Island Spam: Vidcund's alien (sort of) baby!

Poor Vidcund went into labor in the middle of a trash pile.

Well, there's no stopping the babies once they decide it's time to come, eh Vid? 

And here's little Hailey!  You may notice the complete absence of green.  Well... I had forgotten, that happens sometimes when I make a clone in CAS with the AllenABQ hairy skin since it is custom.  In my Strangetown, I had used SimPE to edit only the dominant skintone of some of the guys to give them the hairy skin... but they still carry the recessive default skin. 

Since I was using just a plain old CAS Vidcund clone for the Island, he didn't have the benefit of recessive default skin.  Hence, the non-green alien baby.

Aww, but she's so cute with those big black eyes! 

Infancy passed quickly, and soon it was birthday time!  And yes... that's Pascal and Cindy's little girl there too!  Her name is Julie.

Here's toddler Julie...

And toddler Hailey!  Awwww.

You can sure tell she's related to Vid, lol... but I wonder if she has recessive alien skin genetics?  Should be interesting later on! 

Tags: prosperity challenge
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