Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

I most certainly approve of this...

If this is old news to anyone I apologize, but I just came across this mod today and I had to share. 

It's a male body hair overlay mod using AllenABQ's hair patterns!   Yes you heard it right, folks!  No more tedious editing of skintones in SimPE!  No more girls getting born with the hairy skin file and nipples not lining up to your Warlokk body mesh!  Yes, those issues are a thing of the past with this mod!

Here's Don hanging out on his couch butt naked.  Well, it *is* Don.

Here's the mod as it appears in-game.

Here's Don + the mod.   


All you do is choose the hair pattern.  The mod automatically puts the correct hair color on the sim based on the sims's genetics.  Isn't that too awesome for words?  (Speaking as someone who has edited countless sim skin DNA files in SimPE to add this hair, and sometimes accidentally put the wrong hair color on, I can really appreciate this.)

Now, I guess some people were having issues where the overlay wouldn't stay put when the sim visited community lots.  I tested this and sent Don to one of the Pleasantview lots. 

... and made him strip naked once there.  Yep... he's still hairy! 



Another issue people were having was the adult form of the hair showing up on teens.  That really wouldn't bother me if it was true; Lord knows my husband was just as hairy at 16 as he is at 36, but anyway...

It appears that issue has been resolved as well.   Bridge Gapp is pleased.

You can get the mod here  
WARNING:  This is an adult sims siteIf any of you are really uncomfortable about going there to download this but still want it, let me know.  :) 

Tags: sims 2
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