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Prosperity Island

This is a little update of what's been going on in my Prosperity Challenge. I'm sorry if any of you are disappointed it's not in dramatic story form... I'm rather disappointed with that myself. :( However, I'm having such fun just playing this game, that I do want to share with you what's been happening.

Warning for teen/adult romantic interactions.

So what's been happening?


Hope became pregnant by Lazlo, and Lazlo, being the upstanding sort of guy he is, decided to move out of his brothers' home and marry her.

They built a little hut near Hope's family, and eagerly awaited their new arrival.

Meanwhile, Hope had befriended the Grand Evil Warlock and he decided to guide her down the path of Darkness.

Hope became a Dark witch. Shortly afterward she had Lazlo's son, Lucian.

Lazlo did most of the childrearing for Lucian while Hope became more and more immersed in her magical studies.

She proved there was nothing she wouldn't do when she visited the Infallably Good Warlock for some magical supplies and had to... um... persuade him to sell them to her. Oh, ACR Hope! How could you?

Yes, not only did Hope cheat on Lazlo with the Infallably Good Warlock, she became pregnant as a result. With twins! Oboy.

She should have grown into an adult already, but she'll have to wait until she delivers now.


Over at the Less home, Cheer grew into a teenager, rolled Knowledge as her aspiration, and struck up a romance with the recently teenaged merboy, Reef.

She's not sure exactly how it happened, but she ended up pregnant.

Psst... I have the "random pregnancy from couch makeout" hack. Reef and Cheer have not actually gone all the way. :P

Well, he *is* a merperson. Cheer shouldn't be too surprised. After all, fish spawn just by rubbing up against each other sometimes, right?

Worth, meanwhile, has his own problems to deal with. Not only did he get his young girlfriend, Rose, pregnant; his teenage daughter Joy is bacoming quite the handful,

...sneaking out and getting into other mischief.

And on top of everything else, Clue died of... something. I'm not sure what it was. He was getting close to the end of his life span, but he also overheated, passed out on the beach for a while, and subsequently starved. D:

Poor Penny didn't ever recover from his death, and she herself died the following sim day of old age.

So here's the greatly reduced Less family as it stands now. Worth, a pregnant Cheer, and a wild n crazy Joy.


The Gapp family plays very quick for me and not much really happens with them.

Ginevera is constantly wanting to flirt with everyone on the island (and is currently fixated on Vidcund Curious) and Bridge is just a sickengly sweet, happy-go-lucky guy.

He became a teenager and rolled Family. (He actually had already rolled Family as a child. I roll the kids early so I can plan their lives. Muwahaha)

Although he had lost his first love, Cheer, to the merboy, he was able to find love elsewhere... with a teenage Violet Petal.

They are so adorable together it makes me hurt. Instant three bolters too (She is a Fortune sim.)

Of course Bridge is insanely happy and already planning the wedding.


Rose Petal became pregnant by Worth Less, and it's a very busy household... what with Marygold's pet hyenas and birds.

Watching the kids teach the dogs to do tricks is the funniest thing ever. I never get tired of it!

Baby hyenas! Awww...

Violet became a teenager (as you already know) and struck up a romance with Bridge Gapp (as you also already know.)

What you might NOT already know, is that she became pregnant by him. Although he knows they're young, Bridge is ecstatic about the coming arrival.

Rose gave birth to Worth's fourth daughter, and named her Iris, after Rose's late mother.

Shortly after the birth of Iris, Rose became an adult, and found a new love interest. Vidcund Curious!

I am actually shocked the two of them have such good chemistry. Two bolts!


At the Curious home, Lazlo moved out to be with Hope

Much to Pascal's relief.

Pascal and Cindy got married,

and Vidcund got abducted by aliens.

As you may already know, Cindy and Pascal had a little girl, Julie. Later the same day, Vidcund also had a little girl, Hailey.

As the girls grew, Vidcund and Cindy handled most of their care while Pascal decided to become the island's resident witch doctor.

He actually opened a shop (called Curios of the Medicine Man) and sells the potions he makes from the shaman's bench, along with other tribal decorative items.

He's a natural at it, and runs the shop cleanly and efficiently all by himself.

Vidcund, meanwhile, had fallen head over heels in love with Rose, and he desperately wanted to get engaged to her.

After much thought, I decided to go ahead and have him ask her to marry him.

Perhaps Rose was drawn to Vidcund because of his intelligence and stability... and that he genuinely seemed to care for her for reasons other than her body.

Perhaps she now felt used by Worth... although she had slept with him willingly enough. Perhaps she regrets that now and wants a relationship built on more than just the physical.

Whatever her reasons, she accepted Vidcund's proposal and they are currently engaged. I'm not sure where I'm going to go with it at this point, though. She's still in love with Worth, and there's Iris to think about.

Still, it could make for some interesting drama if Worth shows up at Vidcund and Rose's community wedding. 

Oh, and Vid is now a Plantsim. :P


The merfamily, much as I love them, are a bit boring.

The dad, Wharf, dances with the lampshade a lot,

and the mom, Marina, reads shrubs while relaxing in the hammock. Yeah. O_O

but for the most part, they're pretty normal. Well, aside from the fact they have fins.

Teenage Coral is one of those odd Popularity sims that ends up being really mean to everyone and has no friends. Sort of like General Buzz Grunt, I suppose.

she did, however, become really close with Joy Less, and the two of them find many ways to make mischief,

...among other things. :)

So it appears Cheer isn't the only Less sister interested in getting some "tail" *cough* Yes, that was a very bad joke. Moving on...

Marina became pregnant through making out on the driftwood couch the mysterious mating rituals of the mermaids,

and had a little boy, Tide,

...who grew into THE CUTEST TODDLER EVER.

That is all.

Teenage Reef spends a lot of time with Tide, honing his parenting skills, which is a good thing. He's going to need them very soon!

More to come. Thank you for reading! :D

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