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Prosperity Island

Spam from the Petal household...

Iris grew from a super intelligent infant who apparently enjoys reading the paper,

... to an adorable toddler.

Life continues to be busy for the Petal family, even though pregnant Violet married Bridge and moved out,

... and every now and then, Rose gets tired of sharing her bed with one of the hyenas,

and invites Vid over for some lovin'.

However, Vidcund worries (perhaps with good reason) she's not as serious about their relationship as he is.

"She loves me..."

"... she loves me... not."

*gasp* "She loves me not? What?" D:

Yes, Vid... that's a good idea. Maybe if you get on Iris' good side it'll make Rose more willing to stop fearing marriage head to the altar.


And more Awww as Iris mauls the hyenas. It dawned on me this is the first time I've ever let Worth Less reproduce in any of my games. With results like this I'm sure it won't be the last!

Yes, that's a teenage Marygold with all of her "dogs." :)

My, how time flies. And Rose is pregnant by Vidcund.

Is this a new thing, or did the teenagers always wear panties under that sarong? O_o

Nine-months pregnant Rose decides to go all out planning a party for Iris' birthday.

It should be a fun-filled event for all the Islanders, except Rose made one small mistake...

... she invited both Vidcund and Worth to this shindig and I'm playing with Maxis jealousy settings! D:

Rose: "Oh crap... I really didn't think this through, did I?"

"Maybe if I look the other way they won't bother me."

Rose: *sigh*

Rose: "I suppose I'll bring Iris to the cake. That'll give me something to do." *heaves self off chair*

Worth: "Oh yeah... work that ass, girl! Damn!"

Vidcund: *is oblivious*

However, poor Rose didn't even get into the house before she was stricken by labor contractions,

to the horror of some party guests...

...and the apparent delight of others. O_o

Vidcund: "BAYBEE!!!" :D (Yes, he's half Family in this, lol.)

Marygold: *scoffs* "I don't know why you're so freaked out. It's totally not your kid."

While all the commotion rages outside, the birthday girl remains blissfully unaware.


Hope: *is a witch*

And it's a bouncing baby boy! Welcome Vincent!

Yep... Vidcund wanted this to happen. ;)

Iris finally made it to her cake. And is it me or does Hope look way too good for being all of FIVE MINUTES postpartum? (OT: My suggestion for TS3. Poochy postpartum belly and huge diaper-like undergarments. RAH!)

Child Iris. Isn't she cute! :D

The exciting party came to a screeching halt when the island magically spawned a policeman who quickly made all the rowdies disperse...

... and Rose was left to cuddle her newborn son and ponder her future. Which babydaddy should she choose?

more to come...
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