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Prosperity Island

I was taking pics for an upcoming update and just had to share a few.   :) 

This is Cheer and Reef's little one. Obviously she needs some... um... special care.

Yes, Worth had to end up building an aquarium for his granddaughter to live in. Poor thing is just too much like her father. 

Also, could The Infallably Good Warlock be any more hot? Yes, I had to move him in with Hope and Lazlo. Yes I am considering breaking up Hope and Lazlo so Hope can be with him. Don't be hating.

Just look at their twins! What's even better, is Arden and Arwen here have polar opposite personalities. :) I just love it when that happens.

One more thing...

Check her out! Isn't she cool? I decided the game had to have some Grand Vampires so I spawned a few from the mailbox, moved them in with a family, then moved all of them out into a lot of their own. Normal vamps wouldn't suffice. I wanted Grand Vamps so they could autonomously bite people at community lots.

Here are pics of the rest of them.

I get a very Cullen-esque vibe from this one. Trust me, that was not done on purpose. These were all spawned from the mailbox, after all.

Note the tattered clothes. My thinking is they settled on the island hundreds of years ago and have lived there ever since...

...just waiting...

Maybe they're why the island was unpopulated when our hapless castaways found themselves shipwrecked. Who knows?

More to Come
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