Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Tell me about your dream computer...

Yesterday I mentioned to the husband that I'd like to get a new desktop computer in the next six months or so.  The laptop hurts my wrists sooo much to use, and not only that I'd like it to actually be used as a laptop for the business... for Brian to take with him here and there, and to install some really nice field mapping programs we have.  Right now he can't take it hardly anywhere becase I refuse to let him leave me without a computer, lol! 

I didn't expect him to be so open to the idea, but he just said, "Oh.  Yeah, probably." 

I think he knows we really do need another desktop since the old Dell is defunct.  Now I'm wondering what to get.  Like I say, it won't be for at least a few more months.  Maybe not even until harvest time... but still.  YAY NEW COMPUTER!!! 

So what is your total dream system? 
Tags: computers, real life
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