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We bought six little baby chicks yesterday! Supposedly they are all female (not sure how they tell and not sure I want to know... seems I remember a Dirty Jobs episode about that) and the kids are just going nuts over them. 

Here they all are in their temporary home. It'll do for a few weeks at least... after that Brian's going to need to build something more permanant.

Closeup #1

Closeup #2. We're calling this one Emo Chick because she's always sitting by herself. :D There's also Mean Chick, who pecks everyone else, and Loudmouth Chick, who chirps a lot.

I have no idea if Emo, Mean, and Loudmouth are always the same chicks, but whatever. *shrugs*

Oh, and this is a completely random picture of a piece of cheese that Joe was nibbling on and unintentionally turned into the State of Ohio.  I swear he did NOT mean to do this.  It was the funniest thing ever when I took it from him and put it on the table, called all the kids over, and was like, "OMG LOOK AT THIS!"

Now I need to get back to cleaning.  I'm having EVEN MOAR kids here today!   :D
Tags: randomness, real life
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