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I was tagged by msbarrows  for this meme.

01. Make a list of 5 things you can see:
-Calendar from the kids' school
-My "Circle of Goddessess" candle holder
-A Longaberger basket
-The telephone
-Various computer game cases

02. What is your favorite heart-wrenching movie?
- Geez I am totally drawing a blank.  I would say Titanic.  The music in that movie is just aweome and gets me every time.

03. Is there anything in your fridge right now that you would never eat/drink?
- There is probably something in my fridge that NO ONE should eat or drink.  *makes mental note to clean out fridge*

04. What's your occupation?
- Stay at home mom

05. Do you nap a lot?
- HA HA HA HA HA no.

06. What was your first celebrity crush?
Morten Harket of A-Ha.  OH MAN WAS HE EVER HAWT.  I think he still is, I dunno...

07. What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
- I don't really have one that I would consider an addiction at the moment.  

08. What are you listening to right now?
- It's 4:13am and the furnace just kicked on... so I hear the fan for that.  That, and my clicking and clacking on the keys.  THAT IS IT.  Oh, it's lovely. I can only get this at 4:00 in the morning though.  :\

09. What food could you eat every day for weeks and not get sick of?

10. What websites do you always visit when you go online?
- LiveJournal, Ovusoft, Fit to Be Untied, Facebook

11. What was the last thing you bought?
- Two 16 GB USB drives to back up my system so I can respawn it again.  I'm not in any hurry to do that, though. 

12. What was the cutest thing you've seen today?
- Since it's only 4:17am, I would have to say it was my son at 3:45am when he woke me up needing a diaper change. 

13. Does the weather affect your mood?
- Yes I think it does.  It definitely affects my kids' moods, which in turn affects me.  And besides, when it's raining or cold, I CAN'T SEND THEM OUTSIDE TO PLAY.

14. Favorite hobby(ies)?
- Reading, writing, gardening, playing computer games.

15. Name a book/movie (standalone or series) you've recently read/seen that just blew you away for some reason.
- I really don't have one.  I need some suggestions, though... because I could totally use something that blows me away.  I mean Twilight blew me away for how STUPID it is, but other than that...

16. Weird dream?
- I recently had a dream where I kept taking pregnancy tests and they were positive.  Funny, since I've had a tubal ligation.

17. Do you have any siblings?
- Yes, an older brother whose health is not very good right now.  :(

18. What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
- "You get the kids all day... I'm going out!" 

19. What are your plans for next weekend?
-That's just too far in the future to plan, really.

20. Say something about the person who tagged you:
. I think it's so cool that we "met" on TSR and now are both over here at LJ with our simmies! 

And as for my tags... if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!   :D 

Tags: meme
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