Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

It's spring!

I am trying to plan what I want to do with my landscaping/flowerbeds this year. 

I really, really, really, REALLY want to hire a professional to lay something in for me, but Brian isn't thrilled with that idea.  :|   If that man had a motto it would be "Never pay for ANYTHING that you're remotely capable of doing yourself."  Which is why he works on almost all of his own equipment and doesn't hire anything out.  Which means he has NO TIME to do what I want him to do around the house, like finish the front porch, replace the back door and make it swing the other way, PUT IN FLOWERBEDS... ugh. 

Just yesterday we were driving by one of the old barns on our way to visit my parents and he said, "Tomorrow I'm going to move the 'dozer, the Lowboy (a trailer)  and the trackhoe down here and get ready to do all of that." 

"All of what?" I say.

"I'm tired of looking at that barn.  I'm going to get Jeff (his brother) to help me and we're going to tear it down.  Then I'll have to start the spraying.  That is, if I don't have to end up replacing the motor in the Rogator."

I say, "So, when does all that fit in with me getting a covered front porch and flowerbeds?"    ;)

He said, *insert dry montone here*  "It's on my list."   Riiiiiiight.  *eye roll*  I mean, the barn has been standing there for AS LONG AS WE'VE BEEN ALIVE.  One more year won't matter!  But nooooo...

It wouldn't be a big deal if he'd agree to hire someone to do all the stuff I want done, but to be honest you guys, that would stress him out even more... so I won't do it.  It's so frustrating though! 


Anyway, so I need to work with what I can do, which is planting annuals.  Lots and lots of annuals.   I'm thinking about petunias in all colors, marigolds, and geraniums for the areas that get full sun, and for the front of the house (which faces North and is shaded a lot) I'm going to get some inpatiens and make sure to fertilize them so they don't get all spindly and leggy on me like they usually do.  Pinching them back helps some, but I was told they needed more fertilizer.  Well, if it's one thing we have a TON of around here, it's fertilizer!  We buy the crap in bulk, lol!  

I also might get some perennials/shrubs if I can be reasonably assured they can stay where I put them.  How I would love to have a full-blown English style garden in the back, with garden paths and all of that, but that's just not practical with the little ones.  One day maybe.

And the vegetable garden is almost twice as big this year.  Yikes.

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