Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,


I made a HUGE mistake.  Huge.  EPIC.

I downloaded Wizard101 for the kids.  I truly think I will never see my computer again during the light of day.  D:

In other news, we bought six more chicks!!   :D   Brian was building their pen/coop, and decided it was big enough for more, and in the farm world, more of something is always better.  Besides, I really wanted to get another breed of chicken to have some variety.  When we bought the first six, all they had was what they called "Standard Leghorn Pullets (females)" which are the most popular, because they are good layers and also good for meat.  I didn't realize they'd also be getting in the other breeds once those sold out, but this past week they did.   Brian bought six "Red Star Sex-Linked" pullets.  They're called "sex-linked" because the female chicks are one color and the males are another, which means they don't have to go through the indignity of being sexed.  I wanted him to get some Barred Rocks because I think they are so pretty, but he wouldn't because the Rock chicks were not separated into male and female.

I did take some pictures of the new ones but they didn't turn out.  Apparently the kids got hold of my camera and slimed up the lens again.  But they look just like the chicks in the pictures I linked to.  :)

And now to try to catch up with my f-list before the kids wake up and morph into Allison Souldreamer, the Level 6 Apprentice Diviner and Joseph Windstone, the Level 6 Apprentice Sorcerer. 
Tags: chickens, other games besides the sims, real life
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