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Far Away (Sim story inspired by a song)

Far Away

A/N: This is a short, light, and sappy story I wrote as a sort of a challenge on TSR... to come up with a storyline that was inspired by the lyrics of a song. We called them Lit Riffs, although I'm not sure where that term came from. I decided to go ahead and post it here in my LiveJournal so it can join all of my other sims stories. :D Hope you enjoy!

The two children met on the first day of third grade, drawn across the playground by a mysterious attraction they, being so young, could not explain...

...although Ripp Grunt simply thought the new girl’s long, silky blond hair was the perfect place to stick his chewing gum, and nothing more.

Quietly he tiptoed up behind the girl, spat out his gum into his hand, and chose a spot... high on the little girl’s shiny blond head, directly behind her little yellow butterfly-shaped barrette... oh, that would be so hard to get out... perfect!

“What are you doing?” the little girl demanded, whirling around quickly and glaring at him.

“Nothing!” Ripp protested, the offending piece of gum stuck guiltily between his thumb and forefinger. “I'm... I'm just gettin’ ready to throw away my gum.” He tossed it carelessly on the ground, where some unsuspecting shoe would no doubt pick it up at some later time, and grinned at the little girl innocently.

She frowned, obviously not sure whether or not to believe him, but his smile was contagious, and she soon found herself grinning back. “My name’s Abigail Moran, or Abby for short,” she told him. “What’s yours?”

“Ripp Grunt,” he said, scuffing his shoe on the gravel. He’d always hated his name, and had endured his share of teasing about it, but Abby seemed not to notice anything odd, to his relief.

“We just moved here,” she continued. “It’s just me and my mom... my dad left us and I don’t know where he is. My mom cries about it a lot... ”

Her large green eyes looked ready to fill with tears as well, but she bravely blinked them away.

“I know what you mean,” Ripp said with empathy. “My mom did the same thing.”


“Yeah, she did.”

Abby started to say something else, but just then, the playground monitor blew her whistle and began waving her arm in a large “come to me” motion to all the children... it was time to go in.

“Guess we better go,” Ripp said. “Um... d’you want to play tomorrow?”

“Sure!” Abby replied, giggling before she ran off to join the line for her class.

They found themselves smiling awkwardly at each other as they stood in their respective queues waiting to go back inside the building. They both felt a connection had been made, but since they were children, they could not quite put it in those words.

One thing was clear to both of them, however...

...they had each just made a new friend.

To Be Continued...

note:  the fabulous school lot in this story was created by the fabulous simgarooop .  Thank you! 
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