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Random real-life pictures (farm and garden spam)

Since I had the camera out snapping pictures of the new chicks today, I grabbed the opportunity to take a few more around the place. I think it'll be interesting to see how the scenery changes as the seasons turn!

Speaking of chicks... this is one of the new little-'un's taking a nap. Awwww. *dies from cute*

Ahem. Moving on...

I took this picture of the pony from the back porch. I got a bit of the hanging flower basket in the picture, lol.

Another picture of the pony. That field that is all brown in the background will hopefully look a LOT different come autumn!

Here is the temporary coop and run for the "big" chickens. They're out in the run in that picture if you look really closely. :D Brian's in the process of building a larger, more permanant chicken house for me, but this is perfect in the meantime.

All the "girls" in their run. :D

Close-up of one of the Red Stars in the run.

Aaaaaand... not to be left out, one of the Leghorns. :D

One of the pigs. This is not a 4-H pig because it doesn't have a tag in its ear. I did take a lot of pictures of the pigs (especially the 4-H ones) but they didn't turn out. Meh.

Enough with the animals... let's move on to vegetation!

The new strawberry patch. These are Ozark Beauty everbearing strawberries and I'm hoping they really *are* everbearing. The last time I bought some that said they were everbearing, they ended up being June berries. We'll have to wait and see on that! :P

The strawberry patch next to the vegetable garden. My back hurts just looking at that, and it isn't even really coming up yet. D:


Last but not least... my grapevines. They're only starting, so I don't expect to get any fruit from them this year. I'm going to fertilize them a lot this summer though, so hopefully they'll look a lot different come autumn too!

Well, that's about it! Hope you enjoyed my farm and garden spam! :D

Tags: animals, chickens, farm, gardening, pets, real life
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