Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Real life ramblings...

*waves frantically*  Yes, I'm still here!! 

The last week has gone by in a total blur.  I swear I've only seen Brian for a total of two hours over the last four days (not counting when we're asleep.)  He leaves at sunup and doesn't come home until between 10 and 11 at night.  Last night he did come home at 9:30pm, which was a SHOCK.  I was out watering the garden in between orchestrating the older kids' showers and toothbrushings (the younger kids were already in bed) and he just snuck up on me.  Yikes, lol.   I was all like, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU????"

Par for the course this time of year, though.  And it seems like they'll never get done.  As busy as they've been, they still have over half of the beans still to plant.  On a good day, they can plant 100 acres.  On days where stuff breaks or they have to move and plant several smaller fields, that number diminishes quite a bit.   Still, they're hoping to get done or very nearly done by the time the rain is supposed to come back on Monday or Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I have the kids, the gardening, and the animals to keep me busy, and I'm still looking forward to TS3!  I just hope I find the time to play!  (Oh, who am I kidding... of course I'll find the time, lol.)

Tags: real life
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